about fun table games

Introduction to fun table games

Fun table games is a place where we help you find the funnest table games.

What is a table game you ask?

A table game is a game that you would typically play on a table. 🙂 They can also be called tabletop games.

This is sort of a circular or redundant definition obviously.

Let’s just say table games is a more accurate than saying board games if you’re talking about both board games and card games.

Lately, I find myself playing more card games than board games, although there are a lot of hybrid games that have some smaller boards, but most of the play is done with cards.

In any event, I’ll be joining forces with some of my family and friends to review games that we are experienced with, that way we can have people only reviewing games that they are familiar with and provide useful details about.

Will try to include games that are fun for the whole family, meaning people of various ages, as well as some that you can do with small groups or only adults.

I think with our help you may be able to have a lot of fun… With table games… See what I did there.

Let’s see if we can help you find some of the best table games.

When it comes to board games, I don’t really have a favorite game per se. Of course, there are all the classics, like chess, Monopoly, Risk, or Othello. I don’t really love any of those, although I like all of them to varying degrees.

Personally, I generally prefer card games over board games.

For example, Bang! is a pretty sweet card game.

Maybe that’s because they’re usually easier to learn and faster to play.

In any event, we’ll see what we can do about helping you find the best games for your needs.

Sound like fun?