best monopoly editions

Best Monopoly Game Editions

Here are some of the most popular and interesting Monopoly Editions:

Now, let me do a little bit of stream-of-consciousness rambling about the classic board game Monopoly.

Monopoly is obviously a classic game, and now there are many monopoly games / editions.

It’s been around for like a hundred years or something who knows exactly how long.

I’m just kidding of course, like I said this is stream-of-consciousness so I’ll be rambling a little bit, if you can follow along then good for you.

Monopoly is played by two or more players, I think the limit might be five or six but I don’t really know. It’s sort of based on how many player tokens there are, but you could always use more random objects.

On the other hand, it could kind of be limited by the number of properties and other cards in the game, because if you have a hundred players people would only be able to buy about one property each, and no one would ever get a monopoly.

What’s the use of playing a game called Monopoly if no one ever gets a monopoly?

I know, that’s quite the riddle, quite the tongue twister, well not really a tongue twister but more of a riddle if you see what I mean.

In any event, I probably played Monopoly about 15 times in my life, mainly when I was a kid.

I do remember playing with my brothers several times growing up. I haven’t played in many years though, at this point.

One of the funny things, or kind of silly things about Monopoly is that people can trade. So if somebody makes a bad trade then that gives a disadvantage to the other players that weren’t involved in the trade. One reason it’s not exactly my favorite game.

But the trades and negotiation are one reason monopoly can be good for kids, and help their brain develop.

Have you ever wondered how to say Monopoly in Spanish? I don’t actually know the answer…but that post has interesting related info.

In any event, that’s pretty much all I have to say about Monopoly right now.

I’ll flesh out this topic and many more in future posts, just you wait Henry Higgins.

This hasn’t been very relevant, but what are the best monopoly games or best monopoly editions?

And don’t forget about other games…

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